New COVID-19 Prevention Measures for FJCU Campus

2021-05-13• Others

1. Responding to the increased risk of community transmission and the restrictions of COVID Alert, faculty members and students should observe the following the guidelines for epidemic prevention to ensure campus safety. 
2. Upon entering the campus your personnel ID and body temperature will be checked. Some entrances to the campus are temporarily closed to prevent non-faculty and outsiders from entering the campus. The faculty members and staff can enter and exit from the university gate of Zhongzheng Rd and the back gate of Guizi Rd. All the guests and others should only use the main gate of the school. Pedestrian’s measures are as follows: 
2.1 Controlled location for entry and exit are as follows: 
2.1.1 The school entrance gate of Zhongzheng Rd (Ramp next to the post office is only exit) Footbridge in the west is the entrance. Epidemic prevention station is enforced. 
2.1.2 Only entry allowed from the Zhuozhu Hall (Pxmart). Epidemic prevention station is enforced. 
2.1.3 514 street, entry and exit allowed (near the engineering building) Epidemic prevention station is enforced. 
2.1.4 Guizi gate (Back gate) entry and exit allowed, Epidemic prevention station is enforced. 
2.1.5 For other campus entry and exit (Front gate of Motorcycle Parking Lot, Seminary entrance and exit gate, Falan Entrance and Exit, Entrance and Exit of Fujin Supermarket, Entrance and Exit at San Tai Rd Wenyi gate, and Entrance and Exit at Guoxi Building’s Underground Parking Lot and Fu Jen Catholic University Clinic) will be controlled. Please use the available entrances and exits to enter and exit the campus. We apologize for any inconveniences caused. Please refer to the relevant locations shown on the map. 
2.2 ID and body temperature check for people entering the campus are as follows: 
2.2.1 The faculty members, staff, and students when entering the campus, kindly present - your university student ID, faculty ID, Fu Jen Hospital Card, Fu Jen University Clinic Card or other relevant documents- to the epidemic prevention in-charge at gate. Kindly procced according to the instructed route to facilitate the monitoring of body temperature by the sensor. 
2.2.2 Those who forget to bring the above ID or documents, kindly login school epidemic prevention website
self-health management link ( http://ahm1.fju.edu.tw/
After login show your FJCU PASS to enter the campus. Please remember to bring your ID for verification. 
2.2.3 Other guests and visitors on business should apply for FJCU PASS to enter the campus. In case you are unable to register in advance then, you should ask your contact person in the school to receive you at Zhongzheng Rd gate.
2.2.4 Invited VIP guests of the university should present invitation letter of the department and have body temperature checked before entering the campus. 
2.2.5 Non-faculty members who use valid certificate issued by the school to enter and leave the campus for particular reasons, such as religious priests, parents of students, please show the valid documents issued by subordinate unit/department during the epidemic prevention period. 
2.2.6 All faculty, staff, and students, should take the temperature at home. If you have symptoms such as fever (forehead temperature over ≧ 37.5℃ or ear temperature ≧38℃), respiratory problems, diarrhea, new loss of taste or smell or any suspected symptoms, please stay at home or seek a doctor’s advice. In order to protect yourself and others, please do not enter the campus, you can take a leave in accordance with relevant regulations. 
3. Others: 
3.1 For the convience of gate staff, faculty members who drive or ride motorbike with pass, should enter through system identification gate. After entering the campus, kindly go to your unit (secretary) to report your body temperature and health status for reference. 
3.2 Visitors to Fu Jen University Hospital should take the shuttle bus at the main gate; they are not allowed to pass through the campus on foot. 
4. The current policy can be adjusted pending on the development of the epidemic.