Service-Learning Center

(1) To enrich the content of learning through service 
(2) To construct the value of service through learning 
(3) To develop a life with health, love and positive attitudes

1. Mission 
Based upon the ideal of holistic education, the center systematically coordinates resources internal and external resources to promote service-learning. Through service-learning curricula, the university enriches the experience of learning and expands the vision of students through hands-on experiences in the community. Service-learning courses also provide students a chance to think independently, solve problems creatively, communicate effectively and build leadership skills. It is hoped that students will develop life-long learning habit so that in the process can accumulate power to change the world.

2. Core Values
(1) To foster students into whole person through practical service
(2) To engage students in dialogues and cooperation by caring the weak
(3) To expand the vision of students through learning

3. Strategies and Actions
(1) To coordinate resources and to solidify professional training
(2) To work closely society and actively develop international links

4. The Process for implementation
(1) Hands-on service learning on the Fu Jen campus
(2) Hands-on service experience in communities
(3) Professional service-learning
(4) Leadership and international service-learning

5. Types of Service-Learning 
(1) Holistic Education:
Hands-on service learning based upon the Fundamental courses of Holistic Education, including Introduction to University Life and Philosophy of Life.

(2) Professional Service-Learning:
Service-learning based upon professional classes in the department, which can operate independently or as a team.

(3) Teamwork Service-Learning:
Service-learning based upon at least 3 classes or teachers in the college or departments.

(4) Volunteer Service-Learning:
Service-learning based upon volunteer work of the students, student clubs and organizations.

(5) Service-Learning and Leadership Program:
Service-Learning which integrates seminar classes, international network and pilot projects with international partners.

6. Contact information
Tel: +886-2-2905-2000 Ext.: 2756、2917、2922、2981、2996、2997
Fax: +886-2-2905-2756
Website : http://slc.fju.edu.tw/