Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs is comprised of Student Life Division, Extracurricular Activities Division, Sanitary Division (Student Health), Career Development and Placement Office, Division of Overseas Chinese Students, Student Learning Center, and Indigenous Students Resource Center. In coordination with the Military Training Office and Physical Education Center, we not only attend to students’ basic necessities of life but also safeguard their security. Our mission is to provide all-round and quality services to students in and out of the classroom. 
The Office of Student Affairs provides services in the following areas: 
(1) Connect students with various scholarship resources
(2) Manage student dormitories and administer off-campus housing information services 
(3) Organize and support student activities and community services 
(4) Provide and manage student facilities and amenities for extracurricular activities 
(5) Offer career guidance and development services to students 
(6) Provide information about job opportunities 
(7) Safeguard student health and support student well-being
Contact info 
Email : dsa@mail.fju.edu.tw 
Tel : +886-2-2905-2229