FU Jen Picture


Fu Jen Catholic University is an academic community of students and teachers closely associated in fostering the growth of the whole person, on the basis of Truth, Goodness, Beauty, and Holiness. Fu Jen is committed to a dialogue leading to the integration of Chinese culture and Christian faith; to academic research and the promotion of genuine knowledge; to the development of society and the advancement of humankind.


Human Dignity
Fu Jen affirms human dignity and recognizes all basic human rights, with a special emphasis on liberty of conscience and academic freedom.

Meaning of Life
Fu Jen promotes search for the meaning of life, development of an integrated value system, and pursuit of high moral standards and professional ethics.

Academic Research
Fu Jen is committed to academic research, to true knowledge and firm action, to the promotion of humanism and to integration of knowledge.

Community Awareness
Fu Jen fosters positive interaction between students, staff, and teachers, and cultivates balanced development of self and community.

Dialogue with Cultures
Fu Jen stresses interaction between Chinese and other cultures, and promotes dialogue between faith and reason.

Religious Cooperation
Fu Jen offers each individual a context in which to acquire a deeper knowledge of the Christian faith, while fostering interreligious dialogue and collaboration.

Spirit of Service
Fu Jen seeks to develop a spirit of compassion and service as well as an active commitment to justice with a view to international solidarity.

Through teaching, research, service and administration, the Fu Jen community strives towards real knowledge of the person, the environment, and God.