The University was originally established as Fu Jen Academy in Peking by a group of Benedictine monks in 1925, becoming Fu Jen University two years later. “Fu Jen” comes from the Confucian Analects: to make friends through the arts, and to cultivate virtue through such friendships. The Society of the Divine Word took over administration in 1933. Fu Jen was incorporated into Peking Normal University in

In 1959, the Bishops’ Conference, Society of the Divine Word, and the Society of Jesus worked to re-establish Fu Jen in Taiwan, and the university was approved by the MOE the following year. The master’s program in philosophy began recruiting in 1961, and undergraduate programs in three colleges officially opened in 1963.

FJCU Today

FJCU is made up of 12 colleges and the School of Continuing Education (SOCE). We offer 50 undergraduate programs, 49 master’s programs, 24 in-service master’s programs, 12 PhD programs, 16 SOCE bachelor programs, and 1 two-year inservice program. FJCU has partnership agreements with more than 400 institutions worldwide. We have a current student population of 26,000, more than 12,000 alumni from our days in Peking, and over 200,000 since re-establishing in Taiwan. FJCU is a comprehensive university under the direct authority of the Holy See, with degrees recognized by UNESCO, and a respected academic standing in Europe and the Americas.