Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs, in accordance with the mission of the University to cultivate elite talents, serves as a central provider of support and resources that contribute to both teaching and learning. The Office is comprised of four subordinate units: Registrar Division, Curriculum Division, Admission Office, and Faculty Development and Instructional Resources Center. Additionally, this Office oversees the planning, implementation, and promotion of the Ministry of Education’s “Program for Promoting Academic Excellence of Universities,” with an aim of enhancing teaching quality and learning performance. 


Registrar is responsible for
1. Student enrollment; 
2. Student registration;
3. Admission deferral application; 
4. The issue of ID cards; 
5. Course waiver; 
6. Major transfer; 
7. Minor, double major, and credit programs; 
8. Suspension, withdrawal, and transfer application; 
9. Changes of name or date of birth; 
10. Awarding certificates and degrees; and 
11. Academic auto-service system (for grade reports and statement of attendance requests). 

★ Registrar Regulations

★ Registrar Application Forms

Curriculum Division

Curriculum Division is responsible for
1. Curriculum management;
2. Summer courses;
3. Inter-University Exchange Program (study abroad, student exchange, international program, etc.);
4. University Curriculum Committee meetings;
5. The issue of teaching experience certificate;
6. Classroom scheduling;

★ Curriculum Division Regulations

★ Curriculum Division Application Forms

Admissions Office
The Admissions Office is responsible for
1. Editing and printing admission brochures and publicity material;
2. Organizing various publicity events for the admission expo;
3. Organizing campus visits for domestic high school students; 
4. Organizing recruitment sessions at domestic high schools;
5. Promoting international students admission and processing applications of overseas Chinese students and students from mainland China;
6. Drawing up regulations for admissions and drafting the University admission brochure;
7. Processing registration for entrance examinations, matters regarding the examinations, and announcement of examinations results;
8. Processing statistics and analysis of admissions data;
9. Providing grants and subsidy for advancement of admissions and production of publicity events and material; and
10. All other matters related to admissions.


Faculty Development and Instructional Resources Center
The Faculty Development and Instructional Resources Center is responsible for
1. Organizing workshops for novice faculty to build capacity for effective teaching, to learn from senior faculty, and to develop professional knowledge;
2. Organizing activities for faculty professional networking and faculty professional growth;
3. Promoting sharing of teaching experiences among faculty members;
4. Providing faculty with service of professional video recording of class activities and lectures;
5. Providing training programs for teaching assistants and organizing capacity building workshops;
6. Continuing to advance Teaching Excellence Project; and
7. Developing the teacher performance assessment system.